Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Special Lady in my Life....

Today I would like to pay a tribute
to a Special Lady that was such
a great inspiritation in my life.

This is my Grammy Adams.
I loved this lady so much and
cherish all the times I spent with
her as a child. She taught me
so much growing up. I remember
all the times I would go and
stay with her. We would go
to the garden early in the mornings
and she always would be so cheerful and
singing as we worked. She taught me how
to work and not be afraid to work. I would
get up early with her and go to Uncle Ross's
cafe where she cooked. I would play in the
storage boxes until it was time to go home.
She loved everyone around her and
never said any unkind thing.
She had a great love for our Savior
Jesus Christ which I will always
respect for she showed me through
her example I have the same love for my Savior.

Today is my Grandma Adams birthday
she would have been 106.
She will always be alive in my heart.
I know that she is always there with
me, looking down at me with
her beautiful smile.

Grammy Adams celebrating her
80th birthday at our annual family campout.
We still honor her each year on the
4th weekend of April at our
Adams Family Campout.
Excited to go this weekend to celebrate
this Great Lady's Life.

My Grandma married at 16 yrs old to my
grandpa (I never knew him, but I know he was a great man)
She helped raise his 1st family and had 4 handsome sons
and 3 beautiful daughters of their own.
Along with that came lots of wonderful son and daughter in-laws
grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

What a handsome couple. I am so
glad to be part of this family.

Uncle Len, Uncle Glen, Grandma, Aunt Mettie,
Uncle Harvey, Shirley(my mother) and Uncle Chet
at a family reunion. Not pictured is Aunt Georgia.

Shirley(my mother), Uncle Harvey, Uncle Glen,
Aunt Georiga, Aunt Mettie and Uncle Chet.
My mom and her siblings get together every
month for a family dinner. It is wonderful to
have great family bonds.

Uncle Len passed away in 1991 and we lost Uncle Glen
in 2006 both these uncles were great
men and loved Grammy Adams so much.

What a precious Lady!

Grandma was talking into the tape recorder to
my brother Bly(whose was a missionary at the time)
It was so cute she wanted to know why he didn't
talk back to her.

Lisa(me), Kassi, Mom, Grammy, Lori and Brittany
Grammy loved all babies I was so glad to
share my little baby with her.

Grandma Shirley and Great Adams( all her great
grandkids called her GREAT ADAMS) with
Claudia(Blys), Kassi(Lisa's) Kimbe and Mekell(Shanna's)
and Brittnay (Lori's). Sorry, Trina was still living at home!

Lisa(me), Kassi and Grandma Adams
This picture was taken about a month
before she passed away. I always wanted
my children to know my Grandma Adams.
My little Kassi remembers some but not alot.
I tell my children often of my Grandma Adams.
I want to share my memories of her with them
so they will know she was great lady.
I love my Grandma Adams so very much,
I think of her very often,
and know that when we meet again
some day it will be a joyous reunion.

Friday, April 17, 2009


So how about a birthday celebration!!
Today is Kristopher and my birthday.
It is really fun to share your birthday with
one of your kids. Of course that means
that I don't have birthday's anymore and
I am proud to say I am "27" years old today....

Kristopher is the big age of "19"

Happy Birthday Kristopher and Lisa!!!

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Here is the beautiful roses Lonnie sent
to me. I love roses and especially ones with
lots of colors.
Lonnie spoils me so much and
is always so very thoughtful.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Egg dying with the family....

Easter is such a fun holiday.
I love the spring time, the flowers
blooming, the orange blossoms,
the warmer days!

Our kids are getting older and with
all their crazy schedules it is hard to get
us all together at once. Of course
they are losing interest in dying
Easter Eggs.

Kassi and Konner love to do the fun
holiday traditions regardless of their age.
So about 8:00pm we started dying eggs.


Lonnie and Konner discussing the colors!
Lonnie writing on his egg, Konner waiting for his
egg to come out of the dye

Konner eating a broken egg YUMMY!

Kassi and Konner

Konner, Lonnie tasting the egg, Kristopher, Karli
and Kassi all enjoy the fun... Well lets say Karli was
busy with homework, and Kristopher just got home
from work. Lonnie was supervising. He even boiled
the eggs and only 1 cracked!!

Kassi working hard on dying her eggs...
You notice the cups are leftover from the
last major holiday(Christmas)

The Final Production!!
Great job and what a fun time.

Thursday, April 9, 2009


A Girl can never have enough shoes!!!
Even at 2 years old.

My little (grand) niece Avery comes to
my daycare. She is totally in love
with shoes. She was playing and was in everyone's
tote taking out their shoes. It got really quiet and the
next thing I know she is asleep on the couch
with all the shoes around her. It is
pretty bad when you love shoes that
much you have to sleep with them.

Of course she takes after her
Aunt Lisa every woman should
have lots and lots of shoes....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Kassi's surgery.....

Kassi had her left hip replaced almost 2 weeks ago
this her on the morning of her surgery. Waiting
to go up to surgery. So cheerful!!!

Our Surgery Beauty Queen!

Ready to go into surgery. Just seen her
Dr. and he put a "BIG X" to mark
the spot.

As you see surgery waiting rooms are not a foreign
place for us. We come well prepared with pillows,
blankets, ipods, books and much more...
Needless to say the waiting rooms are
always like a meat locker COLD!
Lonnie is asleep on the floor with his head under the chair.
Karli is laying on the floor with head phones getting
ready to take an snooze....
Lisa has got a make shift bed with 2 chairs together
sleeping all curled up under her warm blanket..
Konner was our photographer..

Karli jammin to the tunes with the phone close
by for the important texting..

Konner is totally content as long as he
has his PSP or DS to play he is happy!!

Her surgery went really well and Dr. Worthington
was very pleased how smooth the new
hip went in. We are praying that she will
heal fast with no complications like her right hip.

Kassi in her room after surgery. Sandy her AWESOME
nurse giving her some pain meds to get her
comfortable. As you can see she had already
started to bruise from them trying to get
an IV in her little veins.

Kassi came home from the hospital last
Friday! Yeah!!! This was the shortest
stay for one of her surgeries. She did exceptional
well recovering from surgery this time.


On Saturday her in home nurse came over and
changed her dressing of course I had to
get the camera and take a picture. It looks
worse than it really is. It is healing like it should.
and Dr. Worthington did a great job.
We want to thank everyone for
keeping Kassi in your prayers
and thoughts. We love all of you!!

Yard Sale Time!!!!

Nothing like a fun yard sale with friends...
Paula was needing to have a yard sale
so I kindly volunteered my driveway.
Then we invited others to participate which
we had alot of fun. On Friday night we
all set up for it and Lonnie grilled us
hamburgers. Then on Saturday bright
and early we began our sale...
Our motto was if we don't sell anything
we will at least have a fun time.
The yard sale was a big success!!!

Paula and Beth helping a customer..

Beth was a great cashier, she even came with her
little waitress apron!!!

Lonnie, Beth and Angi

Whoops there went the coffee!!!!
Sorry Angi you look so sad....

Lonnie cleaning up the coffee mess!! He was
a real trooper and helped us ladies out when needed.

Nothing like having breakfast at the yard sale and
enjoying all the action Dylan!!!

Angi surfing the web, checking out the
china prices and patterns for Paula's china!

Thanks Ladies, I had alot of fun and
ready to do it again this weekend
at Angi's HOA yard sale!!!