Thursday, April 17, 2008


Kristopher thought is would be cool to stay up and bring his
birthday in last night so at midnight. He turned up his
stereo, turned on all the lights and ran out of his room
yelling VICTORY its my birthday!! I am now 18.

Needless to say he freaked everyone out in the house. We
thought that someone had broken into the house. We go into
his room he had his stereo off and lights off and he was
standing there saying its my Birthday. Then he said Happy
Birthday MOM (We share the same b-day) have a good night.

Oh the live of a teenager.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here is the end of the project. Now we just have

to get his board of review done. Then we will have

his Court of Honor!!!


Here is slide one of Kristopher Eagle Scout Project

He built bird nesting boxes for the Wild Wing Rehab Center

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Konner showing off his car!His dad and him designed and build a rocket car
His award with his cub scout leader
All the cub scouts posing what a great group of boys!
Garrett, Zach, Konner with Sister Johnson and Garner

Friday, April 4, 2008


Kassi is such a strong girl. This last year has been a real struggle for her. In January 2007 she had a hip replacement on her right hip. In September 2007 her artifical hip joint had to be taken out due to infection. They placed a spacer in the hip until the infection was gone. Shortly after that her femur broke due to a crack that occurred during surgery, after being totally down for 8 weeks to heal the femur she was able to return to work in November!

Everything was going really good and we were looking forward to having surgery again in April to fix the left hip. WELL last Sunday while at work her femur on the right side broke again (due to the fact that she has no hip joint supporting the femur on that side). She is totally down again! She is scheduled to have surgery on April 28th, the doctor will do her right hip again he will take out the spacer and put in a new joint and a steel reinforcement rod to support the femur.

She is doing alright we are trying to get her pain under control. We just ask everyone to keep her in their prayers. Kassi is such a strong young woman and she has gone through so much and never complains. We love her so much and so grateful that she is our daughter.