Tuesday, November 3, 2009

HaLloWeEn FuN!!!!

Halloween is always a big holiday at our
house!!! We started it out by having a
Halloween Family party the night before.
Then craving our pumpkins,dressing up,
the ward party and friends house.
We was lucky this year and got to have
our little Shaye visit us.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Hatch Party

Halloween this year we decide to have a family
party... being that Shanna and her family was here
from Poway, CA. We would have loved it if Trina
and her family could had been here from Campbell, CA
but they were here in spirit. Besides they was
home surprising Ian for his "50th Birthday'' Also
Brittany our niece was here in spirit
from Italy where she is serving her mission.

We are always ready for a party and it doesn't
matter how well it is planned we love to spend
time with our family.

Deke and Avery

The older granddaughters and the youngest!
Mekell, Kassi, Claudia, Kimbre and Brenn
missing is Brittany but these girls have always
had a close bond and a girls club growing up.
Eden is the youngest granddaughter and she is
my oldest sisters baby!!!

Mary Lou, we love you and are so glad that you
are doing so well. We know the journey has not
been easy. Keep up the smiles!!

The Big Girls Club!!!

Brenn and Uncle Lonnie
OKAY I will take Uncle Lonnie in

Kendon taking his dad(Bly) in arm wrestling!

What Kendon taking Deke in arm wrestling!!!

Brenn wanting to try taking Kendon in
arm wrestling! GO BRENN...

Grandma making the girls laugh!!

Kassi giving Kimbre her early
Christmas Present!

Dylan our son from another mother(thanks Paula)
hanging out with us for the evening.
He taught us how to eat Cheetios
with a fork!!!

Karli, Ramsay, Emily and Marley
took a visit out to Redneckville and all came home
with a new set of teeth!!!
These are the middle granddaughters.

Grandma Shirley, with Eden(granddaughter)
and Avery(great granddaughter)

Mary Lou visiting with Lori and Sid.

Brenn and Claudia deep in conversation.

Dad, found this witch hat and put it on.
The best part was that he took his
teeth out and the kids just get so
excited about it.

Grandpa where did your teeth go!!!!

WOO HOO!!! Kimbre your a Hottie!!!

Kimbre, Grandma and Mekell!
Surprise grandma Mekell is pregnant!

Shanna laughing at the girls. Why the
cheesy grin Deke!

This was way to funny Brenn came up to me
and wanted to know who the guy was in the
blue shirt. I told her that it was Kristopher.
She was so embrassed that she didn't recognize him.
being that he dressed up as Billy Mays!
Kristopher, Brenn, David and Kendon..

David, Kristopher and Kendon!!
Wow Billy Mays you are HOT!!

We all failed to get pictures of the smaller
kids they were way to busy playing
outside and entertaining each other
that we just let them play.
Sorry, Alisyn, Konner,
Natilee and Hunter..