Sunday, July 4, 2010

Adams Family Reunion June 2010

Family Time

Adams Reunion June 2010

Show Low, Arizona

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Every year I love going to my

Adams Family Reunion.

We usually go camping but this year we

went to my grandparents homestead.

Their home is no longer standing.

It was fun to take my kids up there and

let them see the creek and where I played as a girl.

It was also the last time I got to see my

Uncle Chet he passed away a week after we

got together.(sorry I don't have a picture of him

he was to sick)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family at Baby Emma's blessing!

Baby Emma's is my great niece.
We are excited to have this little joy
with us.

GG Hatch and Emma

Mom and Dad Hatch

Lonnie and Karli chilin!

Kendon our nephew

Marley, Karli and Emily
These girls are so close and have
such a fun time together.

Ramsay Roo!!! You are beautiful!

Margaret (Mekell grandma on dad side), Brenn
and Lou visiting.

Deke's brother, sister in law and niece.

Dave(deke dad) Whoops were did my food go!

Konner, Kristopher and the other
boys found Hunters legos!
Love Konner's face:)

Mom, neice Claudia and
sister in law Mary Lou. Looking at
this beautiful book. Mary Lou the
desert was YUMMY!!

Papa and Avery!
Avery loves Papa and wants to
be with him all the time.
Kassi and Kimbre
The single women!!

Mary Lou and my sister Shanna.
Mary Lou looks so great she is
recoverying from breast cancer.

Aunt Marley(my neice, Emma's aunt)
Getting all the hugs and snuggles from
Baby Emma!

Gila Valley Temple

Arizona Gila Valley Temple!

Lunch with the Jenkins in Thatcher!!

Karli, Alonna, Mom, Kassi and

A Graduation Party for Lonnie!

We want to thank all of our
family and friends for their
support and love.

The Graduate!


Family and Friends!

Hunter enjoying the food!

Mike and Tara congraulating Lonnie!

Bill and Ruth Mangino.
Bill and Lonnie was classmates!

Rick and Jill

Rod and Lonnie!

Lonnie and Uncle Gary!

Lonnie's Graduation Day ASU!!!

4 years ago Lonnie and I
decided it would be a benefit to
our family if he returned to
school to get his Bachelors in
Manufacturing Engineering.
With lots of dedication and
hard work the big
day finally arrived!

May 14, 2010
Arizona State University
Polytechnic Campus
College of Technology
and Innovation

Lonnie walking with his class.

Waiting for his name to be called.

Receiving his dipolma from the
Dean and one of his favorite

He did it!!!!

One Happy Guy!
I am so proud of him
He carried a 3.9 gpa all
through school. Along with
working a full time job.

It is all done!!!

Yes his family was so excited. I don't know
if we will ever be normal again. As in the
picture we are all a little wacky!

Mom Hatch, Lonnie, Mom Larson
Very proud Moms!

Kassi, Lonnie, Karli

Konner, Lonnie, Kristopher

Got my man all graduated!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Karli's award assembly

The Red Mountain High School

Award Assembly 2010

Karli getting her 4.26 gpa award

Outstanding AA Sophomore English Student

I have to say this was a class that made me

loose lots of sleep with all the many projects

that she had there was nights she

never went to bed. Being the mom I

am I would get up at least a 1000 times

and tell her it was time for bed. One time

in getting up to tell her to go to bed I ran into

the wall and got a black eye.

Karli you ROCK!!!

You make us so proud:)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fathers and Sons 2010

Northpoint Ward Father's and Sons
April 17th and 18th

Konner shooting the paint balls guns

There was lots of water in the creeks and that

made a muddy mess for the boys to play in.

Brother Garner loves to shoots his black powder and

the boys and men just love it. He is getting ready to

blow up a pineapple.

Konner and some of the ward boys
playing with sticks...

Was so happy that Ethan Bright and his dad and
brother were able to attend. Such a great
missionary tool. Ethan is the one in the
chair.(he was baptized a few weeks after this)

Konner have fun making faces.
Oscar and Jake great little buddies.

Lonnie and the ward men preparing breakfast
for the group!!

Lonnie just getting up and going
for the morning. Yes this was in
April and it was still cold out for
this time of year.