Monday, May 26, 2008

More Graduation Party!!!! We love to party....

Kristopher is the life of the party. He keeps us laughing all the time.

The Graduation Party!!!!

Here is a few of the pictures from party!


Okay here it is graduation day and guess what? IT'S RAINING!! That right I said rain, in May. It never rains in May it is at least 100 degree and we have to suffer through the heat during gradutaion.

So we get a call from the school saying that the graduation ceremony has been moved inside and that they will split the class between the auditorum and gym. Each graduate can only have 2 tickets per family. So Lonnie and I get to go and we have to tell all the family that came into town that they can't go. We get to the school and all the SENIORS are protesting in front of the football field. Graduation starts late and it just a joke. It comes time for the dipolmas and they have graduates sitting in the wrong place and some outside in the lobby. Kristopher's name gets called and he is in the back sitting and doesn't get his dipolma presented to him. So he gets up and goes up front and talks to someone and she tells him that they will get it handle. Well they finish up the names and still did not call him up.

They presented the graduates and it was over. Lonnie and I was mad and made our way down to the front to talk to someone. The principal was so confused and had more than one upset parent in his face. Kristopher received his dipolma but what a night to remember.

SeMiNaRy GrAdUaTiOn!

Bishop Patchett and Kristopher

Friday, May 16, 2008

Proud of our Karli

Karli's program for the Shepherd Jr. Award Assembly!
She received two awards: Spanish and Social Studies

Kassi and her excited for the awards. Dad and Mom are very proud of her. She drives us crazy
by staying up all night doing her projects and studies but she is an outstanding student.
Congrulations Karli!!!!

Also she was inducted National Junior Honor Society this last month.

It's here Kristopher Graduation Annoucement!

It seems like he was just a little guy and now he's graduating!