Monday, September 21, 2009

Karli's 16th Birthday!!!!


Karli turned "Sweet 16"
and we decided to surprise her with
her dear friend coming from Holbrook.

So we decided that we would take her
to Walmart for the surprise. Her friends
came into town and went there. We went
up there and she was only focused on getting
the stuff we needed and I kept wandering
through the clothing where I knew her friends
were hiding. Finally Kassi and I got
her to come and look at something
all of sudden she seen her friends and
the look of SURPRISE came over
her face.
Needless to say she had to look twice!

Karli, Julie and Emma best friends!
Karli when she realized it was them!!

Awhhhh!! Mom, Kassi and Dad
what a surprise!

Karli had made plans with some of her
friends to go to a movie and come
over to the house for home
made wings and games.

Well the movie had a small change
due to Karli getting her first
Red-Light ticket(on her birthday)

The kids all came over and we
had yummy wings and played games.

Playing Scattergories!

The gang hanging out !

Brianna and Karli opening her
gift look stuff for my car!

karli opening up more gifts!

Groofing off playiing games....

Wow I am still in shock from the
big surprise!

Spending a weekend in Globe part 2

Part 2 of Globe!!!
After a good night sleep for most...
We all attended the Globe 1st Ward Church
Brittany gave her farewell talk and
will be going to Italy on her mission!

The Hostetter Family
David, Brittany, Lori and Sid!!

The cousins that was there getting a picture
with the missionary!!!

Grandma Shirley, Brittany and Grandpa Ken
Brittany is their 1st grandchild
to go on a mission.

Brittany and the girls cousins, we missed the
Mcwhorter/Tobars girls and Lincoln girls!

Mekell, Kassi, Brittany and Claudia
the older girls have always had such
a great bond with each other.
We missed the other 2 older
girls Kimbre and Brenn!

Lou we are so happy that
she is doing so well!

Kassi and Karli loving on Avery!
She is such a cute little girl and we love her

Uncle Bly giving Brittany lots of advice
or more like teasing her.

Dad making gravy in the dutch oven for everyone
that is a big family tradition! My dad makes the
best gravy!

Ramsay must have had a rough
night. Snoozing on the grass at Lori's

Alisyn and Natilee sharing the
tunes together!!

Grandma Shirley, visiting or giving
advice to Josh, Claudia, Avery, Kassi and

hatch Reunion

Every year we get together with our Hatch cousins
it is always so fun. One of dad's siblings are over it
so we always do something different. It is always
so fun and I love to see all my cousins.
Lots of cousins having a fun swim!

Miss Jerzie Rae!! I love you girl.

Rod and his son's enjoying a swim!

Kristal upping the bid

Uncle Paul and Dad doing the auction they
are do great auctioneers.

Dad helping with the auction.

Holly and Brett watching the kiddos

Konner having a great time swimming.

Konner eating, Rod and myself discussing
the food opitions.

You go Randa!!!

My girls Kassi and Karli

Sam and Randa

Gaige and Mom

Kristopher and Ravin

A boy and his dog...

Kristopher one night started to tease
Ravin with her toys. Well the next
thing I seen was this....
Kristopher with the dog toy in his mouth
and Ravin trying to take it from him.

Ravin just staring at Kristopher with the
toy in his mouth.

Nothing like a boy and his dog sharing the toy!

I don't know who enjoyed playing with
the toy more Kristopher or Ravin...
My guess they way they were playing it
was Kristopher that had fun.
It is a good thing that Kristopher loves
animals and is going to become a Veterinarian!

Spending the weekend in Globe!

Well I know I have been a slacker and have a lot of blogging to catch up!

In August we went to Globe for our nieces mission farewell...
Not all the family was able to make it but those who did
we had a great time.

We all met for dinner at one of the great Mexican Food restaurants in Globe!

The family visiting while waiting for our food!

My sister Lori and hubby Sid!

Whoops! We left the kiddos unsupervised at their own
table! Konner, Ramsay, Natilee and Alysn.
I hope they do not ban us from coming again!

Brother Bly and his wife Mary Lou! She looks really
good we love her and support her during her
fight with breast cancer!

Karli and Emily having a great time catching up on
all the latest happening in their lives!

Alisyn, Natilee and Ramsay all having a great time!

The girls dared Konner to eat this lemon!
He is always a good sport being that he
has a ton of girl cousins and the boy cousins
his age live in California. He loves those
girl cousins and has a great time with them!

After dinner we all went over to the hotel we were
staying at and had a fun time playing in the pool
and then to the Dairy Queen for a treat!

Here are the pool observers giving swimming tips
to all those swimmers!

Fun in the pool!

Emily and Karli racing in the pool with Uncle Lonnie
look who won! Natilee playing in the jacuzzi

Karli and Lisa just finishing up their race.
Wow! mom you are a good swimmer!

Time for those water chicken fights!!
Emily, Konner and Natilee

The fight is on again!

One last fight and Natilee takes Ali down!