Friday, May 29, 2009

A boy and his blankie and panda bear

So last week I went into Kristopher's room to get
him up at 11:30 am (the life of a teenager)
This is what I saw....

Kristopher got the little panda bear from the
hospital when he was born 19 years ago.

His Grandma Larson crocheted the blanket,
which he has totally worn out it is now in
two pieces and comes apart every time
it hits the washer.

Nothing like a little cuddling and blankie time..
Even as a grown kid it is so cute to see him sleeping.

This will be a great picture to share with his
wife someday when he gets married...

Oh by the way the hairy legs he inherited from
his dad!!!!

Karli's 9th grade formal....

Karli had her 9th grade formal at Shepherd Jr High
which in Mesa the kids go to Junior High from
7th grade to 9th grade(Freshman)
So at the end of the year they give
the 9th graders a Formal dance.

Karli decided to go to the dance. But she is
not a girly girl.... So Kassi finally convinced her
that she needed a dress to wear and took
her dress shop what a experience.
Needless to say nothing can be
pink in her wardrobe.

Karli trying on dresses needless to say
it was a real fun shopping day!
She is always sporting a hat of some type!

Getting ready for the dance!
Kassi was suppose to do her
hair but ended up in the hospital so
Mom was left to help her....

Karli being serious while I am helping her
get ready.

What no formal shoes!!
Karli lives for her converse.

Such a nice feature with the dress!

Looking for her Student ID

What mom you got me a flower
What I am suppose to do with it!!!

Thumbs ups! Ready to go!!!

Her friends, Emma and Sarah surprised
her from Holbrook and showed up so
it was a real hard decision to leave them
for a few hours to go to the dance.
But after the dance I took her to meet up
with them at Walmart and off she went in
her dress. I have to post about her
because she is really trying hard not
to be that Tom-boy and become a
young lady. She is such a beautiful
daughter inside and out.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Some sweet little girls....

Look at these adorable girls.
These are my nieces (my brothers)

If you want to see such a sweet sisterly bond
these little girls have that special bond.
Always there watching out for each
other. I know they are like all
siblings they do have their quarrels
but they also share a great love.

Emily, Natilee, Ramsay and Allison

Fun at the Adams Reunion...

It has been a tradition as long as I can remember
that every year in April we have the
Adams Family Campout.
It is always so much fun to see all the aunts, uncles,
cousins, etc.... Each year one of my mom's
siblings and their family are in charge.
This year Uncle Chet and Aunt Clea was in
charge. They did a great job and a big thanks for
all their family that was there to help them.

We have always left it open for those who
want to camp can and some just come up
for the day. It is always great to be together.

Lonnie and Konner went up Friday afternoon and
got camp ready for us. Well some people says it is
not camping the way I camp... but what can
you say for the city girl RV all the way.
Kassi, Karli and I came up later that evening
and Lonnie had dinner waiting for us. What a great
hubby catering to his Queen and Princesses

Konner, Kassi and Karli

Nothing like sharing the tunes.... One Ipod, 2 earphones
and one great tune... PRICELESS!

Lonnie Kristopher and David waiting for the raffle to start.

Karli what a special girl...

I think there is a deer in those trees... Whoops
Konner it must be.

Dad and Curtis talking hunting stories.

Why not have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful weather
Kassi, Karli, Brittany and Kristopher.

Sid supervising the Kiddos

We always knew that Kristopher was the "Dunce"
Sporting his new pinata hat.

Laney Nance you sweetie!

Konner swinging at the "Big Kid Pinata"

Addy hitting the little kids pinata

Addy so sad she didn't break it.

Uncle Leonard's baby girl Gaylynn with her
niece Andee(outside) Gaylynn's daughters,
Dusti, Kimbre and friend David

Aunt Mettie (82) and Uncle Chet(86)
my mom's oldest living silblings.

My mom Shirley and Uncle Chet
my mom is the baby..

Charolette and Aunt Clea .

Best of all was the "SNIPE HUNT"
that grandpa Ken took the kids on Saturday night.
All the kids were so excited when they got back to
camp to share all their Snipe hunting stories. I think the
one story that really impressed everyone was
Karli being bit by one..... Let it be
the end of the story.

The Smores' and campfire stories
are always so fun and I love my
children to hear about my parents, grandparents
aunts, uncles and family and their lives.

I love to go to this reunion every year
it is so much fun and we have such
a strong family bond. I have a special place
in my heart for all my mom's sibling.
My Grandma Adams was such a wonderful woman
and raised a special family.