Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Day Dinner.... YUM!!!!!!!

We usually spend Christmas by ourselves with
our kids. This year we were happy to
have Mom and Dad Hatch,
Bly and Mary Lou Hatch
and our neighbors
Mark Clemons and Krista Chapman
to share our Christmas Dinner with.

We planned and prepared a
great meal and thanks to
everyone who contributed it
was all wonderful...

Lonnie deep frying the Turkey!!!
Yep it is done and ready to eat!!
Everyone enjoying the feast.... and visiting!!!


Kassi,Kendon, Emily and Karli
playing Jenga!!
Karli thinking on what one she will take out..
Can Kendon keep it from tumbling...
How about a loud card game of PIT!!
Ramsay, Lonnie, Mom, Bly, Mary Lou,
Konner and dad

Another round of PIT..
Kendon, Alisyn, Ramsay and Dad

Yet another round of PIT...
Bly, Mary Lou, Ramsay
Dad, Karli and Kassi

Ramsay, Karli and Kassi!!!

Look who found the desert

It looks like Mary Lou found it also
Kendon's dog JET he is only 6 months

Mom on the telephone...

I guess all that crazy game playing
called for an adjustment...
It is great that we have a Chiropractor
in the family... Even though
we had to use the kitchen table to
be adjusted... Thanks BLY!!

It was great to be with family on
Christmas.. Thanks everyone
for making Christmas more special.

Christmas morning

Christmas morning comes early at our house
for some reason our children still get up at 6:00 am...
This year was no different they were up and trying
to pull us out of bed..... I am way to old to be getting
up early on my day off....
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We all had a very Merry Christmas.
We were so happy that Mom and dad came and spend it with us.
I did make my way back to bed for a morning nap
before our company arrived.

Our Crazy Ravin Dog

Our dog Ravin is so spoiled.
Lonnie never wanted a dog
a few years ago, I gave
into the kids and told
them they could have a
dog. So when Lonnie got
back from a business trip
I told him that we were getting
a dog. Well needless to say
Lonnie is totally crazy about our dog.

Ravin is treated just like one of
the kids... So the other
day Kassi came home
with a tutu from work and
guess what..............

Ravin so proud of her tutu!!
Striking a poise with her tutu!!

Christmas morning with Ravin
Ravin always gets her stocking first
it is so funny to watch her.. She is just
like a big kid..
Ravin gets her 1st toy out and
then trying to get another out.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Eve Monopoly and Yahtzee!!!

Since our kids have been little we
have always played Monopoly
on Christmas Eve... They love
this game and just watching them
bond and have fun is such
great memories.

Kassi and Kristopher getting ready to play!!!
Karli and Kassi the big winners. Karli
don't look so excited.
Konner and Karli decisions, decisions.....

Who will be the BIG WINNER....

Kristopher, Karli, Konner and Kassi
all having a great time...

This year we had my parents here for
Christmas. So we played Yahtzee with
my mom and she kept Lonnie and I
laughing how she played the game...

Mom telling Lonnie how to play the game.

Okay I have to admit I love YAHTZEE
it is my favorite game... And yes
I did win!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve Day Pedicures

Every woman needs a little pampering
before the Santa arrives. So
we scheduled some little
relaxation for us ladies...

Let the fun begin!!!!

Karli, Lisa, Kassi and Mom Hatch
getting a well deserved pedicure.
Please just rub my feet all day!!!

Mom Hatch and Kassi enjoying their pedicure.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Temple Lights with my brother and his family

This year we planned to do the Temple lights
with Bly and Mary Lou
It had rained all day and it was cold.
We started the evening out
with Pizza and wings at our house.
We was glad that Deke and Mekell
and kids came over for that.
Sorry we was too busy eating to get any
pictures of that. But enjoy our trip to the Temple.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Konner's 5th grade breakfast

After the 5th grade play the parents
get to make a breakfast for the
5th graders the following morning.
Those parents that can come and help
get to cook the breakfast and it is a lot of fun.
I have been able to help with all my
kids 5th grade breakfast and it has been
so much fun.

Mike Jenkins getting ready to cook the eggs..

Mom's getting the eggs ready to beat!!
How many eggs are there??

A dedicated dad cooking up the more eggs!

Even grandparents come and help... I am so
glad that I didn't get the bacon and sausage duty..

More bacon and sausage....

Mike and Jessica
Konner getting his breakfast..
He was a little tried he went to
the midnight showing of AVATAR with
his dad the night before... Good
thing it was a 1/2 day at school.
Konner eating his breakfast. YUMMY!!!

Konner's great friends Alec and Noah
enjoying there breakfast.

Some of Konner's classmates...

Jessica and her friends...
Jessica and Konner have been
great pals since they were little.

Konner and some of his classmates...
This has been really fun for me to go
and help out and get to spent time with my
Konner. These are the memories that we
will remember and cherish.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Surf n Santa 5th grade play

Since Kassi was in Elementary School
our children has got to be
involved in the 5th grade play.

This year Konner got to be in the
5th grade play and he was so excited.

I was sad because he is my baby and
this is the last time that my kids
will get to do the 5th grade play again.
But I know they will have other
opportunities to do other performances.

Konner was a mail worker in the play
He was so cute and really did great.

Konner giving the mail to Santa's CEO!!

Konner busy working in the mailroom.

We got his play on video and here a small clip.

Kassi so proud of her baby brother
she remembers doing her 5th grade play
where she was an elf.