Monday, July 13, 2009


As we look back over the horizon of the last
25 years we have had our happy times and
sad times. But we have cherished each moment
together as a couple, parents and a family

Lonnie and Lisa Hatch Larson
Incorporated July 14, 1984

At Bryce Canyon June 1984

Sharing a piece of cake!! YUMMY!

Lonnie and Lisa pregnant with Kassi

Our Little Family 1985

Totally in the 80's
Check out those great hairdo's

At Shanna's graduation breakfast!

The family in 2002

Surprise!!! Look a diamond ring in my chocolate cake
Valentine's Day 2004

Our trip to Durango, Colorado 2001

Our eldest Kassi

Kristopher our oldest son
He keeps in laughs

Our girls Karli and Kassi
they are such great friends!

Karli our baby girl!

The boys Kristopher and Konner

Our little man Konner.
He is such a joy!

Halloween 2007
What a crew we have!

Rocky Point trip 2005!!

The Larson Crew!!

Our two eldest they are such comedians!
They love to make up lines to movies and
just be silly!!

The happiness of time shared together.
Many laughs and happy times.

Glamis Fun!!
New Year's 2008

To be Queen and King for a moment in time!!

Our family how special they are to us. We have
had a lot of fun watching our children grow up
over the years. To watch their accomplishments, their
disappointments, their happiness and their tears. We have
had many happy memories and we have had
many trails in the last 25 years. But through
it all we have grown closer has a couple.

I am so thankful for Lonnie in my life and all that
he has done for me. I appreciate all the wonderful things
you have given us. Life with you has been
a joy, lots of fun, hard times, growing times,
making memories together. I am so very happy
to have him as my Eternal companion.
Happy Anniversary Lonnie!!
I love you!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Konner was asked to give a talk

in Sacrament Meeting on Fathers Day.

He told me that he would prepare it all

by himself. So as the week continue I

asked him what he was going to talk on.

He said mom I am working on it. So

the Friday before he brought his talk

to me. I was totally impressed that

he had did it all by himself. I posted

his talk below.

Lonnie and Konner on Father's Day.

I was asked to talk on father’s today.

My dad works as a Test Engineer at his job. He builds and tests air bags to make sure they work properly and are safe for the vehicles.

In our home my dad is the Spiritual Engineer. He teaches me by his example how I should live the gospel. He has shown me how I can engineer a testimony of Jesus Christ, by studying my scriptures, praying, paying my tithing, keeping a journal, attending my church meetings and preparing myself now to go to the temple some day and serving my mission. I know that as I follow these teachings my testimony will grow each day.

I am thankful for my dad he takes the time to teach me new things everyday and I love spending time with him.

Wow! I thought Konner did a wonderful job. I am so

thankful for Lonnie for all that he does for our

family and myself. He is a caring, loving and just fun

to our children and me. Thank you Lonnie for all

you do for us. We love you!