Sunday, February 22, 2009

Angels watching over them.

On President weekend Mom Larson and Alonna came to Mesa to go to the RenFest with our kids while we were at the dunes. They got here on Saturday afternoon and had a great time with Karli and Konner. On Sunday they went to church with the kids and afterwards Russ, Cary and Avlee came over to visit and have dinner with them. Monday morning
they got up and headed to the Ren-Fest with the kids
which they had a great time.

Mom and Alonna packed up their belongings and headed back to Holbrook. About a hour later we recieved a call that they had been in an accident. Apparently a semi was driving and his dual rear axle came off the truck, sticking straight up in middle of the road, Mom had no warning and hit it head on in the Yukon then hitting the concrete barrier before coming to a stop. They both insisted that they were fine, but Lonnie had the paramedics haul them to Payson to check them out. They both have several bruises, bumps, contusion, airbag burns, and whiplash. Our concern is that mom having had hip replalcements recently and the impact on her hips.
We pray that her hips are fine and her and Alonna's
bodies will heal from their injuries

On Saturday, Lonnie and I went to Sunflower to get their
belongings out of the Yukon. I was so sick when I seen the Yukon
and know that angels had been watching over them.
My thoughts this week have been so deep about this accident
and I have been so grateful that our
Heavenly Father watched over them and protected them for us.

Thursday, February 19, 2009



Here is Kristopher 1st car
yes it is a granny car and
we did buy it 2 1/2 yrs ago from
a granny. It has been a great car
but it finally died. So as it sits
lonely outside our house and least
to say jealous of its replacement.

Introducing Kristopher's new ride.
2008 Chevrolet Cobalt... Yes
it is another Chevrolet. That is all
we own the only down fall it is
not blue like the other vehicles.

Always fun at Glamis

Lonnie and I went to Glamis over
President Day.

Our Sandcar

Michelle, me, Jenn and Angi
does anyone have any toys????

What toys.... Bath toys for Dylan

Michelle, Lisa, Jenn and Angi
what great friends I love these ladies
along with Jodi, Shelley, Beth and
Paula who was at camp. They are
like sisters to me.

Steve's car it is a tribute to all the
Armed Forces serving in our country

Other side of Steve's car.

Do you really have to take the picture.

Chilin' at a hill. Luke are you mad?
Gerald's car I love the paint scheme.

The guys all giving their input.

Another stop at a hill.

Looking over the dunes.

Cruzin the dunes. The sand
was a little wet but it is
still so much fun.

Lots of big bowls and hills to go
on. It is such a thrill I can't explain
it. You don't even mind the
sand that seems to cling to your body.

More dunes.......

they go on forever and ever..

The dunes have been such a fun
family event for us. I feel that
it is such a great family bond.
Lonnie loves the dunes and
it makes me so happy that he
enjoys it so much. I am so glad
that we are able to go and have
such fun and enjoy our family.
When we are there I feel such
quality time with my family.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Birthday Kids

Kassi's birthday is February 16th and
Konner's is February 18th. So we always
go out to dinner on February 17th
to celebrate their birthdays.

Kassi is our oldest just turned 24!
Konner our baby just turned 10!

Konner and Kassi at Texas Roadhouse


Konner on the saddle for a
rootin tootin birthday wish!

Kassi excited for her birthday wishes
Giddy up Girl and get a man!


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Saturday, February 7, 2009



This is what we awoke to this
morning. We do not know
who the mysterious suspects
are but we are sure they had a
great time.