Saturday, January 2, 2010


So when we finally decided to get up and
going on New Years morning. I wanted
to go downtown Mesa to try out
this little restaurant that I
had seen one day when I was downtown.

It is really good and cozy!!!
Konner and Lonnie eat up...
Kassi and I waiting for our food...

Then we walked downtown main street
and browsed in the little shops that were
open. We have a friend that
just opened up a shop that is
called Evermore Nevermore so
if you get a chance go check it out.

I love to go downtown main street
and check out all the statues.. but
my favorite is the big PINK Chair..
Konner was a little short and had
a hard time getting up in the PINK chair..
Kassi lounging int he PINK Chair.
Our goal is to find her a MAN this year!!!

Lonnie and I in the PINK chair.....

Then we wandered down the street
and found a great Antique Store
that had lots and lots of
treasures and stuff that brought
back so many childhood memories...

As we start the New Year
there is many goals I want to
accomplish this year. I am going
to go forth and work hard at each
goal and complete them.
One of them is keeping up on
my blog which I have already
started out right.

2010 is going to be a great year!!!!

New Years Eve with the Larson's


This year we spend
the New Years Eve at home
We did not go to the dunes over
the holidays and spend it there.
Which was a nice change...

We still all stayed up and
brought in 2010...

Konner giving cheers to mom!!!
Cheers from Lonnie!!! Love that headband.
Cheers again from Konner...
We played Yahtzee and the little man
got rolled 6 Yahtzee in the last game...
Maybe we should take him to Vegas..
Yep I was really partying... GO MOM!!!

Konner ...
Lonnie and Kassi playing Yahtzee...
Emma, Karli and Ollie
playing Apples to Apples
before they left to go to
Polar Ice...

Julie, Sterling and Konner....

Playing Apples to Apples
Apples to Apples rock...
We had tacos for dinner and then
all played lots of games...

We had wonderful New Year's Eve.
Wishing everyone a very wonderful
and successful 2010!!!!