Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Kassi is getting a little antsy to have her surgery
and she has been off work for the last 2 weeks due
to the doctors orders. Well that means she
gets to spend her days with the daycare children and
good old mommy!!

Well the other day she was baking cookies and listening
to the kids have a discussion who was going
to ride in the wagon next.
I looked out the window to see that she
had went and climbed in the wagon with Dylan
and told them it was her turn for a ride.
They were so excited they
just kept giggling and laughing.

Kassi is already for the ride. Come on kids lets get

Whoops up we go on the little incline.
Come on push, push, push
a little harder....

Look we got Kassi up the incline....
Faster, faster, faster, here we go!

Wow that was a lot of work! Needless to
say they all wanted to push her some
more. It was really cute. I guess
she needed to have a little fun
before she will be laid up for the
next 8 to 12 weeks with her
hip replacement. Maybe I can
teach the kids to take care
of her for me and I can sit on the
couch and eat Bon-Bons and watch
my HGTV Shows! (Yeah right).


It is that time of year to go back into time and
visit the Ren-Fair. Lonnie, I, Konner, Kassi and
our niece Brittany went a couple of weeks ago
We always have a fun time. Going to the
different shows, booths and most of all people watching!

So this year with the budget being a little tight
we had to ask Konner to work...
Here he is with the Duck Lady!!
Well he earned enough for a ride on the Bat Boats

We thought it would be great to see those "muscles"

Of course my man had to show his muscles also!
You go Babe!

The flying swings. These men showing how they
really work!
Konner on the Flying Swing ride..

Kassi, Lisa, Lonnie and Konner outside
the Dungeon Museum

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Beware another New Driver!

Karli is our newest teenager driver!
She could hardly wait until
she could get her permit and she
counted the days down. I have
to say that she study the
Driver Manual and knew it
word for word. She did miss
one question she said it
was worded funny! Now she
will give Mom and Dad a few
more gray hairs and I am sure
Mom will have lots of stress and panic
attacks when letting her drive with her.
That is why Mom leaves the
driver training to Dad.
Thumbs up to Karli!!!

Getting her MUG SHOT!
She is wearing a Hawaiian skirt! She is
our unique child.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


What a do we have here?
Kristopher wore his kilt to the
Ren-Festival needless to say that
he grew a beard so he would look
like someone from that time.

Kristopher was givin the nickname
a few years back so every
year when he goes to the
Ren-Festival he has his picture
taken with himself.

Well the day after they went
he shaved his face. What
and adorable face.

Yes, he looks much
better with a clean face.
Of course I am the mom
and I prefer it clean shaven.

He is such a good kid.
He drives us crazy most the
time and never sleeps
at night. But he
has a heart of gold .
Love you DUDE.

Blue and Gold Banquet

At the Blue and Gold Banquet
we have such great leaders...
The theme was Americana
Which we had a BBQ each of
the cub scouts had to make a pie
for desert which was alot of fun.
Lots of YUMMY Food!
Cub scouts chillin on the floor
The boys getting ready for the scout motto
and awards.
Konner is the oldest of all the cub scouts
Tonight he is going to fight the Bear to
become a Weblo.

The BEAR cave....
Let's see if Konner survives.
Whoops a shoe came flying out!!

Konner survived the BEAR Cave.
Look at his shirt and he is missing a shoe.
What a fight, that Bear was
wild in there the whole cave
was shaking and tipping over.

With Sister Garner getting
his new scarf as a Weblo!