Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Wonderful Aunt

My heart aches so much today. I felt at peace this morning it is like I already knew that Aunt Claudette had passed on what a comforting feeling. I guess you are never ready for sad news. I had dreaded this day for I knew it was closer than I wanted it to be. Aunt Claudette was such a wonderful woman and great example to me.
I am so thankful for the last couple of years that I have had with Aunt Claudette, I have really enjoyed having her little grandchildren Weston and Jerzie in my home. I really have gotten to know her more and I loved her dearly. I will miss her but I will always have a special place in my heart of her.

Friday, February 1, 2008

One big sand box

GLAMIS SAND DUNE ADDICTION! That is what we have here are a few of the pictures from our last trip. We really have alot of fun with our family and friends... Out for a morning ride Racing up the hill
Starting up the biggest dune there!
Halfway up the biggest dune..... We made it to the top!!!
At the top with the group It's alright Angi and Damian
Its really cold Cole and Jenn... Our Home away from home!
Now who says I have to rough it out

Gordon B. Hinckley

What a great example.


Cousins, Cousins and more cousins,

Our kids love being with all their cousins

and family. In December we was able

to spend time with both familes.

Our kids never get enough cousin time in.

Every moment together is cherished

from oldest to youngest.

We are grateful to have such



Lonnie, Barb, Alonna & Russ

Ken and Lonnie afternoon nap!

Alonna and Mom

Kassi, Karli and Konner

Kristopher and Kassi

Barb and CaryAvlee

Avlee, Konner and Brennan
Ashlyn and Karli yummy!!

It was so much fun to all get
together with Lonnie's family
before Christmas. It was
something that we had
never done. It was also a
hard time for us. Grandpa Hunt
had just passed away the week before.
Many of us were unable to attend the
funeral because of the time of the
week. I felt it was really great
that we could all get together
and share the Christmas Spirit.

Ken, Barb, Ashlynn and
Brennan came all the
way from the big
town of HOLBROOK!!
We missed you Summer and Tristian.
Mom and Alonna
also came for the big
town of Holbrook!
We wished that dad could
have joined us.
Russ, Cary and Avlee
live in Mesa
We really enjoyed
Avlee all day Saturday
while they worked.
Of course her favorites
aunts and grandma bought
her a new bike.



Lori, Sid & Brittany

Kristopher and Eden

David, Ali, Natilee, Lou, Mom


Karli and Emilee


Got Muscles Marley & Emilee

Kristopher, Avery, Mekell & Dad

Kendra, Natilee, Katy, Preston & Konner

Preston and Konner

Bly and Claudia Lonnie and Kassi

Bly, Lou , Ramsay, Claudia , Josh,

Natilee, Ali, Emilee & Kendon

Claudia & Josh

Hunter, Eden & Jamie

It was so much fun to have all of
us here for Claudia and Josh's
wedding. I know that we all
enjoy the time we can get
Shanna, Brenn, Marley and
Eden came from Poway, California.
Mekell, Deke, Hunter and Avery came
over from Peoria.
We all missed Kimbre!
We Love you Kimbre!!!
Ian, Trina, Preston,
Kendra, Katy and Jamie
from came from Campbell, California,
Sid, Lori,
Brittany, David, and
Danielle (brit's friend) had
such a busy weekend with
Brittany graduating from NAU
on Friday and moving back home until
she goes to Germany to student teach.
They came all the way from Globe, AZ.
Dad and Mom,
for travelling half the
state of Arizona. They are
so good about supporting all
their children and grandchildren.
Bly, Lou, Claudia, Kendon,
Emilee, Ramsay, Ali
and Natilee
all live in Peoria Arizona.
We welcome Josh to the Family!
We hope everyone that was here
enjoyed the Larson's Hotel.
It is always fun to have
everyone together even if
is a little crowed. We enjoyed
the wings and the fire pit with

A family is the most
important thing in the world.
Take time to keep
the memories,
hardships, the trust,
the love, the friendship.
Love the Larsons