Wednesday, March 26, 2008


After one ride
at the dunes you

Karli and Mom hanging out!

Karli and Kassi on the hill!

Kassi and Karli relaxing after a big ride...
Rough Ride girls!

This a memorial to one of the
that has ran the dunes for years
it is out in the middle of the dunes.

The Flag. What a great
country we live in.
Proud to be an American Duner!

Dying Easter Eggs

Konner and Cole(Our adopted dune son)


Konner don't look so happy!

Kassi survived her 1st dune trip.

Kristopher ready for a ride on
his quad.

Karli out to enjoy the sun!

Saturday night is wing night and the dunes
we get together with everyone in camp
and have a big potluck.

Kristopher, Kassi & Karli hanging out by the fire.

Cole and Ryan enjoying the wings

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Spring Break GLAMIS here we come!!

Here it is SPRING!!!!!! and the fever is here. What beautiful
weather we are having. The kids are on spring break this
week and we are enjoy all our fun time together. RELAXING.

We are off to the "big sand box" one last time for this season.
We will be leaving on Thursday to enjoy our second home
and playing with our toys in the sand. The whole family
is going (this will be Kassi 1st trip). We are looking
forward to having lots of FUN.......

See you when we return.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Saturday was a beautiful day, so we headed out the door
to enjoy the weather at the Renaissance Festival!

Oh a chocolate dream lots and lots of yummy chocolates!!

Konner on Jacob's Ladder it was alot harder
than he thought balancing on the rope.
The Llama what a cutie.. Aboard an elephant with two mystery riders.

Watching Dextre Tripp do his talent.
He was so amazing.

Konner and Lonnie working their muscles

Karli and Konner just alittle confused who they are.

Konner getting ready to jump. Up Up he goes!!!

Its great to be Queen and King for a moment...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

before and after

Karli got her braces 2006.
The orthodontist took this picture the day she got them.
She says she looks like a nerd (remember those days)
Karli got her braces off in October 2007 she also got contacts
This is the picture they took in November!
She is such a beautiful young lady I love her so much
she is such a great example to her family and friends
thanks for being you Karli
Love Mom

Get the home teaching done!!

Last month it was close to the end of the month (last day)
Lonnie realized he had not done his home teaching. So I
mixed up some goodies and out the door he went to drop them
off and apologize to his families. When he returned I noticed
the t-shirt he had on(Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell). I told
him I hope that he had delivered his message with love. Because
surely his t-shirt made the statement either you get the home
teaching done early so you feel like your in heaven or
procrastinate so you feel like your in hell.
We had a good laugh about it and one of the families also
had a good laugh.