Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I have to say that Lonnie has a addiction to the sand..
Yes, needless to say about 5 years ago I made
the mistake of letting him go with the guys
to Glamis Sand Dunes to play on quads...
Well short story, we started out with quads,
then we graduated to a Sand Car, but now
we have graduated to the next level
of another Sand Car....

Lonnie at the Sand Dunes his favorite vacation spot...

Here is the new Sand Car... We brought it from
our friend Al. It has been a great car for him
and I know that it will be a great car for us..

Cruzin at the dunes.... We have so much fun
when we go. We are looking forward to October
when we will be able to take the new car out and
play in cooler weather.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Look a Rock Band

Today we made these cute Rock Band People
They were a lot of fun. I couldn't find a guitar button.
So to make the guitar I took a fish bead and put a toothpick
on the end of it. Then we used wooden beads for
the drums. We used googly eyes, pompoms,
colored threaded and pipe cleaners for
The ROCKERS hairdo's!

This is Konner's! He was so cute he went to the
craft store with me to find guitars and
he really got excited helping look for
something to make them out of.

Konner and Dylan..

Konner is so proud of his ROCK BAND!!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Come and see the Magic Show!

It is that time of year again when it is so HOT
that we find ourselves in the house all day.
During the summer with my daycare children
we do a Theme Activity Week.
This week was Magic Week.
We made magic wands, top hats and magic plaster.
But the big excitement was the Magic Show
that Karli and Konner planned.

Here is the kids making their tops hats, we used markers,
crayons, and fun foam stickers. They were all
so proud of their hats they wore them all day.

Karli and Konner getting ready to do the Magic Show!
The great thing about it they are able to
work on some of their church goals and pass them off.

Karli is so good with the kids, she had them learning
magic words in spanish. Konner is looking
over the list of tricks!!!!

Karli making a penny appear. Konner is assisting her!

Konner and Karli getting the kids ready to get
involved in the next trick.. Once again
they are saying words in Spanish!
Which the kids loved.

Travis pulling out the pantyhoses from Karli's
arm. He just kept saying where is it
coming from!

Savannah is so excited that she
has a quarter in her ear.
Karli and Konner and working
together as a team!!

Wow!! Look there is the quarter out of
Savannah's ear....

Is everybody ready to see Konner disappear?????

Karli put the blanket over Konner.
Once again she had the kids counting in
Spanish!! While Konner disappeared.

OH NO!! Look it is Konner's hat!
Where did he go????

Total amazement with lots of ooooooh's and aaahhh's!

WOW!! Look Konner has reappeared and he
told the kids he went to China.

Karli getting the kids excited for the next trick!!
Let's see what comes out of the HAT!

A CHICKEN!!! Isn't suppose to
be a Rabbit..

It is just the little things that make
life so much fun. I know this is
why I enjoy little children is
seeing all the excitement and joy they get
from it. Karli and Konner really
have fun helping out with the
kids. It has been a lot fun
being able to stay home and
still provide an income for my
family but also bonding with my children.