Saturday, December 27, 2008


We survived Christmas and now we are headed for the big boys paradise GLAMIS for a few days... Yes I know it is going to be cold but it is so much fun!!!!!!!

Don't worry I will update my blog when I get back with all the happening of the Christmas

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.

Love ya, The Larson's

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


On Sunday, I came home from church and our dog was just barking
like a mad dog in the kitchen...

I looked up on top of the cabinets and behind the
decorations appeared our crazy kitty.
She refused to get down so Karli had to
get her down. The dog must have chased
her so up she jumped for safety.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Lonnie and I grew up watching and the loved
The Wallace and Ladmo Show!

On Saturday we went down to the
Mesa Historical Museum where they have
display of the Wallace and Ladmo show.
Bill Thompson was there signing autographs
and it was so fun to bring back all
those childhood memories.

If you grew up in Arizona between the years 1954 and 1989, these words are familiar. Our pal Wallace, also known as Wallboy, greeted us every morning or afternoon (depending on their time slot) during the week and the fun began.

The Wallace & Ladmo Show is truly an Arizona icon. The show had a remarkable 35 ½ year run on local television station KPHO-TV5 in Phoenix. It was eventually seen all over Arizona, northern Mexico and towns in California that were near the Arizona border. The show was even briefly syndicated to Los Angeles and New York.

Apart from their television appearances, the trio that made up the show (Bill “Wallace” Thompson, Ladimir “Ladmo” Kwiatkowski and Pat McMahon) also made thousands of personal appearances all over the state. Their sports team, the Ladmo Jets, raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities.

Wallace & Ladmo provided a daily dose of classic cartoons and live skits that lampooned local and national news, politics and life in general. Regular characters such as Marshall Good, Captain Super, Gerald, Aunt Maud and Boffo the Clown provided humor that the adults could relate to while the kids in the audience waited for the next cartoon.

Wallace & Ladmo will always have a cherished place in the hearts of thousands of lucky people who were touched by their humor and overall fun outlook on life!! To the fan and non-fan alike,we hope you enjoy this tribute to a very funny show put on by some very, very talented men and women.You will see excerpts of interviews with those who created the nonsense for all those years, as well as the fans who enjoyed it. So have fun as you peruse

The Ladmo Bag

The Ladmo Bag Phenomena began when Wallace & Ladmo were discussing how to give away prizes quickly.

All too often a child would be chosen to win a prize and... on live TV... The lucky recipient would freeze.

They couldn't pick a prize. They were all great prizes. Many times a child would regret what they chose and ask if they could pick something different.

Ladmo struck up a brilliant idea!

Why not pack a bunch of goodies in a bag?

Ladmo's brilliant idea gave way for the Ladmo bag. An Arizonan child's sugar induced Nirvana!!!

A Ladmo Bag is always filled with 10 items and a picture of "The Gang."

There were lots of ways to win a Ladmo Bag. You could send in a post card in hopes that your name will be drawn from the barrel. You could send in pictures, jokes, and stories. Or you could simply be lucky enough to be sitting in the lucky seat that Wallace designated on his seating chart. No one knew who the winner was until Ladmo made his way over with the bag!

The winner of the bag was instantly famous! The luckiest day of your life was broadcasted on TV for all your friends, family, neighbors, and everyone else in AZ to see!!! Everyone wanted to know what was in the Ladmo bag, everyone wanted to hold it and see it. It was the envy of everyone... young and old! The Ladmo bag continues to be as treasured as the famous Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket.

When Lonnie was a kid, The Wallace and Ladmo Show came to Holbrook

for the Grand Opening of the Whipples store. Lonnie won a Ladmo Bag!

The Final Wallace & Ladmo Show
The Wallace and Ladmo Show ended its remarkable 35 ½ year run in December 1989. It still holds the record for the longest-running daily television show (with the original cast) in US history. A fan recalls:

I remember exactly where I was when I heard the program was going off the air. I, at the time, was an attorney in private practice. I can remember being in the car at Guadalupe and Gilbert Road in Gilbert, Arizona when I heard on KTAR Radio that Wallace and Ladmo was going to go off the air in December of 1989. That shows you how important these guys were to all of us.

The Death of Ladmo
The State of Arizona was stunned when it heard of the death of Ladimir Kwiatkowski on March 2nd, 1994 after a brief illness.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The beauty of Christmas.....

I love the beauty of the season.
I love Christmas for trees, lights,
I love Christmas for baking and
Christmas goodies....
I love Christmas plays, stories
and Christmas music...
I love Christmas giving and
serving to others and seeing
their excitement...
I love Christmas for the birth of
our Savior

My Trees...
I love to put up
trees, if I had more
time and places to
put them my whole
house would have
trees all over. This
year I only did 2 trees.


Last week Kassi took our spoiled dog Raven up to Petsmart to
see Santa aka Kristopher who is a Petsmarts employee..

Raven, Kassi & Santa aka

Fun at the Ward Party

Friday night was our
Ward Christmas Party.
We just got a new Activity Chairperson
3 weeks before and she did an
excellent job putting it together.

It was a variety show with
differents, songs, musical numbers,
stories, skits and talents.

They had hot chocolate and cider and
lots of yummy desserts.

Bishop presented the Christmas Story
at the end.

We love our Ward family!

Konner and the cub scout
Rootin Tootin (his favorite pass time)
Christmas song.

Garrett performing the 12 days of Christmas
Karli doing the Banana SKit
Karli and the YW in our ward were called the
Skit Chicks they performed between talents.
They were so funny.

Sis Christensen (RS Pres)and Sis. Acosta
recited Twas the Nite Before Christmas in
Spanish version.
Our little Peyton we love her so much flirting with
the little Rashetta boy
The little Jr Primary children singing.
I love those little Porter girls in
the front. We have so many
cute and talented little kids.

Basketball Star

Karli plays basketball for Shepherd.
She loves the game.
She says this picture makes
her arm look deformed

Shepherd Basketball Team

Karli shooting a free throw

In it goes!! Great Job...

Waiting to go in to play.
Karli is a real asset to her team.
She gives it her all and plays great.
She is a real team leader.
Notice the bruises on her knee and arm
she lives for the bruises the bigger the
better as she says it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thanksgiving in Holbrook

This year after many years away. We returned to
Happy Holbrook to celebrate Thanksgiving
with Lonnie's family.

Kassi and Kristopher had to stay back in Mesa to work.
So off we went in the rain and to the cold to enjoy.

It was so nice just to sleep, eat and relax without any
scheduled events.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


This picture was in Saturday December 6th newpaper
the article was on Schools loosing funding for these programs
Karil and Evan pratice in orchestra
the article can be viewed by going to
Karli has played the bass since elementary school
Konner this year took up playng the cello .
We really encourage our children to excel
in music and their talents
Konner is is the back this was his
first orchestra concert.

Karli performing at her concert on

Karli is very talented and she picks up on
music by ear.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I am still here!!!

To all my blogging friends, I am still here, I have been extremely busy. Hoping to get caught up on the blogging this weekend. Don't give up on me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Fun

Karli, (my gangster) Kassi(my princess fairy)
Konner(Star Wars) and our little niece Avlee (Angel)

Avlee out little Angel she was so cute and excited
for trick or treat this year.

Brielle(Fairy Princess) and Avlee (Angel)
little friends

Duiane at the Ward Trunk or Treat
we helped with the hot dogs and chili

The "Cooks" cooking the hot dogs

Bro. VanDeGraff in charge of the drink
You go captain...

Alyssa(Disney Princess) and Madi (Unicorn)
sweet little daycare girls...

Brother and Sister Acosta we love these
two wonderful people.

Halloween Party at Clawitters
Tyler and Jenna as little dinosuars
Tyler loved pulling the little ones around
in the wagon while trick or treating..

What an cute face Madelynn

Dylan the little ghost loved all the action....

Tyler, Dylan and Jenna playing on the mat in
the garage.

Dylan and Tyler checking out Uncle Al's sand car
Better not let him catch you!!!

Tyler and Dylan's wrestling match.

Our Halloween Night was filled with
lots of fun with family, ward members
daycare kids and friends.
Thanks everyone for making it a
great night.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Lonnie's birthday was Saturday, October 25th. Him, Kassi and Kristopher
went to the sand dunes to play. I was a little down because it was his "45th" Birthday and he would not be home.
So I decided to make him look for his birthday present.
Kassi helped hide the clues and surprise!

He was awakened by an alarm clock and couldn't
figure out what was going off.
(while Kassi is giggle in the back of the toyhauler)

Clue #1 Keeping up with the times....

He had to read page 45 before going to the next clue

Clue #2 he had to look under the kitchen sink

Time for your light to shine....

Clue #3 He had to look in the spices

Spice up your life with Thyme!

Clue #4 The game closet

Don't be late for that important date turn the
timer over and wait 3 minutes

Clue #5 Climbing up the ladder onto top

Opening up his present. Sorry a little out of focus


only to be given this new citizen watch later.

I had a lot of fun surprising him..... Even
though I couldn't be there for his birthday.
I Love You, Lisa