Monday, July 14, 2008

24 Great Years!!! To the man I married.

Lonnie came into my life 26 years ago. Today
we celebrate our 24th wedding anniversary.
Lonnie is a wonderful man and I love him
he has brought much happiness into my life
over the years. We have shared our good and
bad times together. He has always been
there for me and showed my lots of love.
He is a wonderful husband, dad and my Best Friend.
I am so happy that I have him in my
life and looking forward to spending eternity with him.
I Love you!!! Happy Anniversary.

Our wedding day!

Our special moments together...

Lonnie and I over the years!!

Our kids!!

Our family as we grew!!
Lonnie and I 24 years later
Our family 24 years later....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our trip was great......

Kaibab National Forest
Lonnie pondering ....

Karli and Konner enjoy the great outdoors

The deer would wonder into our camp it was
so neat. Konner was totally in love with
them. At night we would sit outside with
a flashlight and watch them graze.

Lonnie enjoying his Father's Day present.
Nothing like a good nap under the trees.

Our Trip to the Grand Canyon North Rim

Karli, Konner and Raven before we went
on the trails.

What a beautiful site...

Karli and Konner loved all the views and trails.
The clouds were so pretty. I love being in
mountains and taking in all the beauty.

The Lodge at the North Rim

More beautiful canyons views

Karli and Konner hiding in the stairwell

We had such a great time. The weather was beautiful. It was
so nice just to relax and not feel the stress of everyday life
in the city. We enjoyed afternoon hikes, naps, food, and
being with lots of family for a couple of days. The rain
was beautiful and I loved just laying and watching

The Lehi Hunt Family Reunion..