Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fathers and Sons 2010

Northpoint Ward Father's and Sons
April 17th and 18th

Konner shooting the paint balls guns

There was lots of water in the creeks and that

made a muddy mess for the boys to play in.

Brother Garner loves to shoots his black powder and

the boys and men just love it. He is getting ready to

blow up a pineapple.

Konner and some of the ward boys
playing with sticks...

Was so happy that Ethan Bright and his dad and
brother were able to attend. Such a great
missionary tool. Ethan is the one in the
chair.(he was baptized a few weeks after this)

Konner have fun making faces.
Oscar and Jake great little buddies.

Lonnie and the ward men preparing breakfast
for the group!!

Lonnie just getting up and going
for the morning. Yes this was in
April and it was still cold out for
this time of year.

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Heidi said...

i miss NP ward. when you have a ward campout let us know and we will try to crash the party