Thursday, June 3, 2010

Family at Baby Emma's blessing!

Baby Emma's is my great niece.
We are excited to have this little joy
with us.

GG Hatch and Emma

Mom and Dad Hatch

Lonnie and Karli chilin!

Kendon our nephew

Marley, Karli and Emily
These girls are so close and have
such a fun time together.

Ramsay Roo!!! You are beautiful!

Margaret (Mekell grandma on dad side), Brenn
and Lou visiting.

Deke's brother, sister in law and niece.

Dave(deke dad) Whoops were did my food go!

Konner, Kristopher and the other
boys found Hunters legos!
Love Konner's face:)

Mom, neice Claudia and
sister in law Mary Lou. Looking at
this beautiful book. Mary Lou the
desert was YUMMY!!

Papa and Avery!
Avery loves Papa and wants to
be with him all the time.
Kassi and Kimbre
The single women!!

Mary Lou and my sister Shanna.
Mary Lou looks so great she is
recoverying from breast cancer.

Aunt Marley(my neice, Emma's aunt)
Getting all the hugs and snuggles from
Baby Emma!

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